chef, forager, teacher

I’ve had a passion since childhood to create. Farm-to-table long before it was a buzzword. Creating everything from soaps and textiles to meals designed around locally sourced and foraged foods.

I am currently the executive chef at The Bees Knees Cafe, a farm to table cafe located on Heather Ridge Farm, an Animal Welfare Approved farm that raises grass fed and pastured meats, poultry, eggs, and honey. We're available to cater private events and curated dinner parties using locally-resourced, seasonal foods. Special consideration is taken for gluten free and paleo diets, vegetarian meals may be prepared by request. 

In addition to weekly brunch and lunch offerings, we organize a monthly "Supper Club" at the farm. This is a five or six course tasting dinner crafted with our own meats and complemented by locally grown and foraged produce, herbs, and flavors. I also teach monthly cooking classes that aim to provide a technique based approach to cooking that is accessible to cooks of all skill levels. For more information about the tasting dinners and cooking classes, please visit the Heather Ridge Farm website HERE

Please take a moment to review a sampling of my work on these pages.

I have a tremendous amount of respect for ancient and time honored cooking techniques. Fermentation, salt preservation, oil preservation, and more are methods that developed out of hardship, yet allowed the chefs and home cooks of yesteryear to elevate their food to heights that we still seek to emulate today. In my cooking I strive to preserve and honor these techniques while viewing them through a modern lens and applying them to the global food world that we inhabit today. I utilizing the best locally raised produce and quality meats and preparing them simply so that their quality can shine, I hope to offer food that is tasteful, sensual, and honest, without being precious and overdone.

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